Tracking and storing important pieces of information is becoming increasingly challenging as the amount of information and conversely those who want it increase. To address this problem I developed a portable software solution which is both secure and easy to use. This software, SecureDATA, marries a Graphical User Interface with AES-128 bit encryption and mutating keys. The user has one password which accesses everything stored in their account. The program can store text, passwords, user names, notes, electronic receipts, and files of any type. It was developed using the Python programing language, the Python Cryptography Toolkit, and wxPython GUI toolkit.

Recent Developements

  • secureDATA 1.6 beta 3 released.

    Changes from 1.6 beta 2:
    • major operations (addFile, readFile, deleteFile) are now threaded
    • progress bars for major operations (addFile, readFile, deleteFile)
    • further improved key generation for uploaded files
    • EFA now fully supports archive synchronization
    • non critical EFA file truncation bug fixed.
    Outstanding issues:
    • sync is disabled
    • database is not compatible with 1.6 b1 or 1.5

      note it is compatible with 1.6 b2

  • secureDATA 1.6 beta 2 released.

    Changes from 1.6 beta 1:
    • moved to SHA-256 hashes
    • improved the way keys for uploaded files are calculated
    • moved to cPickle for database serialization for standardization reasons
    • some minor changes in EFA for sync support
    Outstanding issues:
    • sync is disabled
    • database is not compatible with 1.6 b1 or 1.5

      note a conversion utility between v1.5 and v1.6 (final) will be released when v1.6 (final) is released.

  • secureDATA 1.6 beta 1 released.

    Database sync for the new file format is still missing in action but everything else is there. There could be a few more slight database changes before version 1.6 final. Therefore a database conversion script from version 1.5.x to 1.6.x will not be released until the database is finalized.

  • I am currently hard at work on version 1.6 of secureDATA. The main improvement in this version will be support for secure file storage. You will be able to "upload" files on to your database. The files are automatically encrypted using my new EFA module which I wrote for this express purpose. Things that still need to be done before the release include: polishing the graphical interface and fixing the sync function which was broken by the new file format.